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Silumen mission is to develop as much as possibleuse of LED lighting, in order to actively participate in building a sustainable future. Indeed, this technology reduces the environmental impact: an LED lamp is energy efficient, lasts a very long time, and it is recycled at the end of its life.

The led lights sold by Silumen are rigorously selected to offer you the best value for money, and total security. They are all CE and RoHS certified, which guarantees a minimum impact on the environment thanks to the absence of the most toxic substances for the environment.

All lamps are tested to guarantee optimal operation and maximum safety conditions, in particular for lighting rated IP65. We are sure of the quality of our products. This is why all the references in the catalog are guaranteed for at least two years.

In order to democratize access to LED lighting as much as possible, the delivery costs are free from 59.90 euros of purchase. In addition, we regularly organize flash sales on our most popular products: be careful not to miss them!

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Why choose LED lighting?

Réglette LED pour Cuisine

Since the early 2000s, LED lighting has entered our homes and workplaces. Indeed, the development of this technology corresponds to a major concern of our time: the protection of the environment. An LED bulb consumes very little electricity, has a long lifespan, and is well recycled. In addition, it provides a pleasant light for the eyes, and allows to create a modern and economical light decoration. Today, LED lighting comes in many forms: from designer bulbs to industrial LED neon lights, from elegant suspension to LED ceiling lights for offices, including outdoor LED spotlights.

How do you choose the right LED lighting for you?

LED lighting comes in a multitude of models, with various shapes, performances and characteristics. How do you choose the one that is best suited to your situation?

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LED lighting comes in a multitude of models, with various shapes, performances and characteristics. How do you choose the one that is best suited to your situation? For this you need to consider several criteria.

The type of LED luminaire

Depending on where you want to install your LED lighting, you will choose different models. Have you decided to replace an old low consumption or halogen bulb with an LED bulb? We offer a wide range of bulbs with different types of bases. Do you want to install LED lighting on the ceiling? You have the choice between our LED spotlights, our LED strips, or even our LED suspensions and ceiling lights. Do you want to illuminate your staircase steps, highlight the design of your kitchen furniture or install an accent light in your bedside? The LED strip will slide easily into any small space. For each of your lighting needs, we have the type of LED lamp you need.

Lighting color

One of the big advantages of LED lighting is that it allows you to obtain lights of different colors depending on the model chosen. Do you think all white bulbs are the same? In fact, white LED bulbs come in three lighting colors: warm white, neutral white, and cool white.

The White hot corresponds to the light emitted by old incandescent bulbs. It is a white that tends towards yellow, providing a soft and relaxing lighting, to create a cocooning effect.

The White cold is that of the sunlight at noon, and provides a very powerful light, slightly bluish. It allows perfect rendering of all colors, and offers optimal light intensity for all areas that need to be strongly lit. However, it is not recommended in living spaces because of its tendency to tire the eyes.

The neutral white is a compromise between the two previous ones: close to daylight, it provides effective mood lighting, but also pleasant and restful.

Some of our LED lights are also available in different colors: red, yellow, green, blue. Thanks to these colored bulbs, your decorating desires have no limits. You will even find multicolored lighting, the color of which you can vary infinitely according to your desires and needs of the moment.

Light intensity

You don't need the same light to take a nice relaxing hot bath, to chop onions in the kitchen and to light up your aisle? That is why there are LED luminaires that correspond to each of these applications. For each LED lamp you will find an indication of the luminous flux in lumens. This is the amount of total light emitted by the lamp. You can thus choose the light intensity adapted to your needs: from 100 lm / m2 to illuminate a corridor or a staircase, to 300 lm / m2 for the ambient lighting of living rooms, or even 500 lm / m2 for the floor plan. kitchen work.

The protection index

As you know, water and electricity don't mix! Fortunately, high IP LED lights are here to solve this problem. Thus, an IP20 class product should never be exposed to humidity, an IP44 class lamp may receive a few splashes, and a spot or a strip of IP65 or IP67 class will be completely waterproof against splashing water.

The options

Do you want to be able to control the intensity of your LED lighting or its color? Some of our products are said to be dimmable, which means that their light intensity can be varied using a remote control. Would you like your lamp to turn on automatically when you pass? Choose a model compatible with a motion sensor. There are also light sensors that cause the LED luminaire to switch on automatically as soon as the ambient light is too low.

Dalles LED pour bureaux

Our LED solutions for interior lighting

Did you know that the lighting in your interior can have a huge influence on your quality of life? Having the right lights in the right place saves your eyes, helps you relax, or provides you with good lighting for cooking or working. In each room, it is advisable to multiply the lighting sources, in order to adapt the light atmosphere according to the time of day and the activity practiced. Main lighting, auxiliary lamps, or even decorative lighting: we offer models for all uses.

LED kitchen lighting

The kitchen is often the center of the house. The activities it houses are numerous: meal preparation, children's homework, family dinners and breakfasts ...

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LED kitchen lighting must be adapted to this reality. For the lighting of the worktop, you can use strips or LED spots located under the high furniture. The central island can be highlighted by a suspended LED strip. For the mood lighting of the room, you are spoiled for choice: ceiling light, wall lights, ceiling spotlights ... It's up to you to choose the style that suits you!

The living room: one room, several possible lighting!

The living room is a room in the house in which we particularly appreciate a soft and relaxing light atmosphere. Installing wall lights is a decorative solution, which diffuses a pleasant light. For LED ceiling lighting, choose decorative pendant lights. You can also use indirect lighting: LED strips hidden in a false ceiling create a very decorative and glare-free mood light.

LED bathroom lighting

Here is another room in which the lighting needs are diverse! Install an LED strip above the mirror or the spots arranged around it, in order to create a sufficiently intense lighting for shaving or applying makeup. For ambient light, dimmable IP65 LED spotlights recessed in the ceiling make it possible to reduce the brightness to relax in the bath. By carefully choosing LED bathroom lighting, you will make it one of your favorite rooms!

The bedrooms: LED lamps for a cocooning space

Also in the bedroom, it is interesting to choose dimmable LED lighting. During the day, the light is thus high enough to allow reading and playing. At bedtime, the light is discreet to prepare the body for sleep. For modern and pleasant bedside lighting, consider incorporating LED strips into the headboard. In a child's room, LED garlands bring a magical touch.

Outdoor lighting: highlight your land!

If LED lamps are gradually establishing themselves in the house, the same goes for outdoor lighting! LED spotlights secure the surroundings of your house, or enhance your facade. LED garlands bring a guinguette spirit to your terrace. A light decoration can also sublimate your garden, by highlighting your most beautiful shrubs, your flower beds or the design of your paths. In the garage, LED tiles on the ceiling allow the room to be lit efficiently.

LED lighting for commercial and industrial premises

Because it is crucial that your workplace is well lit, we offer a wide selection of LED lamps suitable for lighting stores, offices, workshops or warehouses. Neons and LED strips or industrial LED bulbs provide a brightness that makes it possible to work comfortably and safely in large spaces. You can even replace your old neon lights with LED tubes without having to modify your supports. This will allow you to significantly reduce your electricity bill. Indeed, at equal brightness, LED lighting consumes much less energy than older technologies.

In offices, LED tiles on the ceiling are a must, for a sober design and great energy efficiency.

Do you want to showcase products in your store? LED spotlights on rails allow you to draw the attention of your customers to your most beautiful pieces.

Also discover our decorative inspirations & Christmas products

Do you want more decoration ideas? Discover our wall decorations, storage furniture and artificial plants!

Realistic, easy-care plants ...

Because we know that decoration is not limited to LED lights, we offer a whole range of products to create an interior that looks like you.
Don't you have a green thumb? Do you go away often and your green plants can't stand it? We have the solution ! Our artificial plants bring a touch of nature to your home without requiring maintenance.

..., furniture to optimize your storage,

Do you want to find a side table to put a beautiful LED light at the end of your sofa? Would you like to add a simple and designer shelf to your bathroom? Discover our storage units, carefully selected to combine beauty and practicality.

... and wall decorations for all rooms

We also offer wall decorations (coat hooks, mirrors, photo frames ...) and storage boxes. Once your decoration is finished, your LED lighting will highlight it!

Bring the magic of Christmas to life with LED lighting!

What would Christmas be without all its lights? At Silumen , you will find something to illuminate your entire home without making your electricity bill soar! The energetic sobriety of LED lighting makes it possible to multiply the points of light, for a magical decoration inside and outside. String lights, LED curtains, light characters ... Let your imagination run wild to have the most beautiful Christmas decorations!