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Organize your space efficiently by purchasing one or more of our Storage bins. We have a wide selection of boxes, baskets and poufs designed to store your household items, in order to maintain order in your home. In addition, our products in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs are both practical and aesthetic. Choose the model (s) that will best suit your style and your decorative needs. No need to hide these bins in the cupboards or at the back of a laundry room, the Silumen help to embellish your interior decoration. Silumen also has a selection of storage baskets at discounted price.

Storage Boxes with Lid

Keep your items from scattering all over the house by opting for efficient storage solutions, like these Storage...

Wood Storage Boxes

Organize the storage of your home by opting for efficient and decorative storage solutions that will both store all...

Photo Storage Boxes

In the absence of being able to stop time, we keep our memories through photos. Silumen offers you a selection of...

Bathroom Storage Boxes

The bathroom is a favorite room for many people and you would spend an average of half an hour a day in your shower....
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