Artificial Flowers

The artificial plants make their entry into all interiors to bring greenery and cheerfulness. Silumen suggests that you opt for Artificial flowers which bring both the greenery of the green plants and the colorful side of the flowers. Flowers have the gift of creating a welcoming and charming atmosphere. And the most of our artificial flowers and that they require almost no maintenance, if not a light dusting like any other decorative accessory. Favor the practicality and durability of our artificial flowers and choose your favorites from our selection.

Artificial Flower Bouquets

Don't worry about your plants withering away by choosing artificial flowers . Enhance your living space with a...

Artificial Cherry Blossoms

Look no further, you have found the category of LED products you need to illuminate your bathroom as it should!...

Artificial Orchids

The orchid symbolizes splendor, sensuality and supreme beauty. Bring this universe into your home by installing...

Artificial Peonies

This time, you want to add a touch of elegance to your home? How about choosing Artificial Peonies to beautify...

Artificial Flowerpots

Adorn your home with artificial flowers . A floral presence in your home is always welcome, but taking care of...

Artificial Roses

Treat yourself to an everlasting bouquet with our artificial flowers . Available in a variety of designs and...
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Artificial plant lavender with pot H. 17cm

Price €4.90

Artificial peonies 30cm bouquet of 4 flowers

Price €8.50

Pink artificial roses 23cm glass vase

Price €11.90

White artificial roses 23cm glass vase

Price €11.90

Pot suspended from roses 22.5 cm

Price €8.90

Artificial plant decorative rose velvet 43cm

Price €6.20

White artificial roses 31cm Bouquet of 7

Price €8.50

46cm pink artificial cherry blossom

Price €9.90

Decorative artificial plant Rosier 50cm

Price €22.90

  • -30%

Artificial orchid with ceramic vase H53cm

Regular price €37.86 -30% Price €26.50

Decorative Artificial Azalea 81cm

Price €41.50

65cm Artificial Orchid With Ceramic Pot - Plain Color

Price €70.90

Decorative artificial plant rose velvet 74cm

Price €42.00

Artificial orchid 65cm with ceramic pot - marble effect

Price €70.90

63cm artificial orchid with ceramic vase

Price €41.50