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Today, we are more and more confronted withtechnological evolution. Indeed, many new smart devices are appearing every day. Among the most fashionable equipment today, you can find the connected light bulbs of the brand Very useful accessories to light a room in your home, light bulbs have been around for years. Today, they have been reinvented to make your life even easier. To use them in your home, you can now use your Wifi and issue a voice command to Alexa, Google Assistant and even Tuya Smart. By opting for these connected bulbs, you will no longer have to press a switch to light up your home. Your phone alone will suffice.

If you want to install another type of light bulb that is both practical and stylish, check out's collection of connected spotlights as well.

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LED LED Connected WiFi GU10 5.5W RGBW (10)

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