Make the right choice of furniture for your next decoration ! Screens are the timeless solution to hide without enclosing, to partition a room and to protect from drafts. An essential asset in your decor, they can be folded in 4 to enhance your headboard and your living rooms. From now on, the folding screen is available in several styles. The wooden screens are even equipped with 3 shelves. At Silumen, the folding screen is foldable and the macramé folding screen sublimates your interior. Light and practical, the bohemian, modern and classic folding screens are an all-rounder. Take advantage of a 2-year warranty on the purchase of a cheap folding screen on

Screens In Branches

Save space and design your room the way you want with our interior screens ! Adjust your space as you wish, without...

Macrame Screens

Of Asian origin, the folding screen has become very trendy again. It has been able to distinguish itself year after...

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