Zigbee Gateway

Explore the full potential of your connected home! The wifi gateway connects your connected objects wirelessly. Zigbee devices are Tuya compatible, so you can control devices remotely from your smartphone, Google Nest/Home or Amazon Alexa etc. Better yet, the gateway or zigbee connected gateway connects to any 2.4Hz network in addition to a private Zigbee HA 3.0 network. Schedule your daily life in a few clicks, Silumen also offers the must-have connected cameras and Bluetooth speakers. To switch to the home of the future, buy the connected gateways with 2 years warranty at Silumen.

Wifi Gateways

Nowadays, it has become obvious that technology is present in every home and business. We have more and more fans of...

Universal Zigbee Gateways

Connect your home and make your life easier by choosing the Zigbee gateway . It allows you to network all your...

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