Ampoules LED à filament

Do you want to adopt design and performance bulbs to innovate your lighting? LED filament bul bs are made for you. There is nothing like E14 LED filament light bulb to effectively light up your spaces and decorate them. Available at an excellent value for money, our E14 LED filament bulbs are compatible with many fixtures available on Silumen. Moreover, they have been designed to be energy efficient. Are you a fan of industrial style tungsten filament bulbs? Then choose our LED filament bulbs which visually resemble their halogen counterparts but allow you to get all the benefits that LED technology offers: economy, durability, performance and environmental preservation. In addition, they are made in an industrial style and will offer retro lighting. This type of bulb can be ordered in packs of 10 and is also available in the E27 LED filament bulb version. Depending on your lighting fixtures, make the right choice of efficient and aesthetic LED bulb.

E14 LED Filament Bulbs

With the E14 Filament LED Bulbs, bring a vintage and warm look to your room. With an E14 base, these bulbs are...

E27 LED Filament Bulbs

Decorate your interior with a design and innovative touch with E27 LED Filament Bulbs. Thanks to their common base,...
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