Indoor LED Spotlights

Indoor LED Spotlight

All possible shapes, sizes and installation methods

The lighting of your space should be considered with careful thought as it is a factor in your well-being and safety. Silumen offers a wide range of LED spotlights for your home. The spotlights are recessed or surface mounted lights depending on the model.
Customize your lighting with our dimmable LED spotlights or our RGB LED spotlights

, for a unique and warm look. You will find different types of spotlights in this category, make the right choice according to your desires! Order now and be delivered within 72 hours with express delivery.

Extra Flat LED Spotlight

Spotlight Brackets

Recessed Spotlights

Waterproof Spotlights

Orientable Spots

Square Spots

Connected Spots

Double Spotlights

Find your lighting with our practical guide

How to install recessed LED spotlights on the ceiling?

By following a few simple rules. You can easily install a recessed LED ceiling light yourself.

How to install LED spotlights in the bathroom?

In order to make your bathroom lighting functional, it is necessary to choose the right LED spotlight to install. Read our practical advice on lighting >

Find your lighting with our practical guide

White spots

For your lighting project, use our indoor LED spotlights for discreet and easy to install lighting in your...

Square spotlights

Bringing sufficient light to your space is essential for the safety of your steps but also for your general health....

Double Spotlights

Choose from a selection of quality Double Spotlights. Enjoy a wide choice and save money by switching to LED...

Recessed GU10 LED Spotlights

Opt for a selection of quality GU10 recessed LED spotlights. Take advantage of a wide choice and save money by...

LED Recessed Spotlights &...

For domestic or professional use, opt for our wide range of recessed LED Downlights & Spotlights and choose a...

LED Ceiling Spotlights

Discover our wide range of surface mounted LED spotlights, ideal for saving energy thanks to LED technology Enhance...

Flat LED Spotlights -...

Discover our flat LED spotlights - Downlights. These are innovative lighting solutions for individuals and...

Dimmable LED Spotlights

Change the color of your luminaire as you wish with this category of Dimmable LED Spotlights. Delivery is free from...

LED DownLights & Recessed...

Order your LED lighting online and enjoy fast delivery. Choose from many adjustable LED downlights & downlights...

LED RGB Spotlights

The interior lighting of your home or store is essential for a good first impression and for people to feel...

Triple Spotlights

Are you planning to clean up your decor? You should know that it also involves the choice of lighting to enhance...

Sockets for Recessed GU10...

Discover our wide range of Suspensions, ideal for saving energy thanks to LED technology Enhance your lighting with...

Bamboo Ceiling Lights

For your indoor LED spotlight to work properly, it should be connected to a spotlight transformer . In fact,...
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SPOT GU10 SQUARE SQUARE SUPPORT kit Ø120mm + opaque glass with...

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SPOT GU10 SQUARE SWITCH KIT 120x120mm with LED bulb 6W (Pack...

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SPOT GU10 SUPPORT KIT LED Round White Ø100mm with LED Bulb 6W...

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Round Recessed LED Spotlight 7W 80 ° Adjustable

Adjustable Recessed Lighting LED 7W 80 ° Round

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