Cane suspensions

Bring a natural and charming touch to your home with our Cane Hangers. By definition, caning is a technique of weaving on a frame using rattan cane. This decorative trend is all the rage, especially in the furniture and lighting category. Silumen offers a selection of cane hangers to bring a natural and bohemian effect to your home. In addition to the aesthetic side, these suspensions are ecological because they are designed from natural materials, they are fully recyclable at the end of life. Adopt them to decorate your living room, your room or your business. They are suitable for all types of use and will add a certain charm to the surrounding decor. So, don't wait any longer and order your cane hanging lamps Silumen, at the best price. Browse our site and the range of rattan suspensions, also discover our metal and rattan suspensions of the same category for a coherent decoration. Beautiful rope suspensions, in the same spirit are also present in our catalog

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