LED wall lights

Lighting plays an essential role in the design of your home. Indeed, it helps to highlight scenes or mark specific areas. Wall sconces are designed to create a high point of light on your wall. You can attach LED wall sconces in places where you can't install ceiling or floor lights. Buy indoor wall sconces to install in your hallway or living room for example. And opt for outdoor wall lights to light up your frontage or terrace. These models of LED wall lights have a protection rating that allows them to withstand the weather. LED wall lights are modern lights and sometimes have several light beams for a better distribution of light. Silumen offers the best cheap and designer wall lightsguaranteed 2 years!

LED Design Wall Lights

Opt for a selection of quality LED Outdoor Wall Lights. Enjoy a wide choice and save money by switching to LED...

LED Wall Lights

Opt for our Silumen LED Wall Lights to decorate and mark out your interior or exterior passage areas. A large choice...
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