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Thelighting of your space plays an important role in the first impression you give to your guests. That's why Silumen offers you a wide range of trendy and designer LED ribbons. In this category, you can find outdoor LED strips for your terrace, pergola or garden, for a bright summer evening. Silumen also offers indoor LED strips to customize the lighting of your living room, bedroom or store. LED strip lights are available in different voltages: 12V LED strip lights, 24V LED strip lights and 220V LED strip lights. Among our selection of cheap LED ribbonsyou can also choose white light color or RGB light color. Take advantage of free standard shipping on orders over €59.90!

Flexible LED Neons

Flexible neon lights are light bands that diffuse a homogeneous light with no visible point of light. It is an...

Bathroom Pendant Lights

Do you want to take advantage of your lED ribbons against any solid or liquid body? Or do you simply want to...

Outdoor LED Strips

Need linear light to illuminate the area around your patio, pergola or garden path? Outdoor LED strips are a good...

Indoor LED strips

LED ribbon lights are very popular for their optimal light rendering and easy installation in any place. Indeed,...
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