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Let yourself be tempted by quality LED lighting and fast delivery to your home. Choose from many Silumen Design LED Bulbs. Take advantage of LED efficiency and save on your consumption Enhance your lighting with these Design LED Bulbs, easy to install. Available in different powers, lighting color, design, choose the model that will delight you. Choose quality LED lighting with these Designer LED Bulbs for your interior. Lighting your living space easily and choose your product from a wide choice on Silumen.

LED filament bulbs

Do you want to adopt design and performance bulbs to innovate your lighting? LED filament bul bs are made for you....

Coloured LED bulbs

Do you want to brighten up your decor? There is nothing more pleasant than a light fixture with a thousand colors to...

Dimmable LED Bulbs

Dimmable LED bulbs are bulbs compatible with a wall dimmer or in the form of a remote control. Thanks to this...

LED flame bulbs

The flame-shaped bulbs are a reminder of the lighting in the old days when only candles could illuminate us. This...

LED RGB bulbs

Are you looking for an original and inexpensive decoration? Buy our cheap LED design bulbs to decorate your home...

Round bulbs

Buy our round bulbs to illuminate your home. With our LED design light bulbs in different shapes and sizes, you...
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