Hairdresser mirrors

How can you resist these modern and trendy dressing table mirrors? The solution is to buy them immediately in the bathroom mirror section. These decorative essentials are easy to install, lightweight and practical. Modern vanity mirrors are also equipped with LED lights to better identify imperfections. They are certified as high quality by the European standard. Discover the free-standing dressing table mirrors and the lighted dressing table mirrors at Silumen. Thanks to their space-saving size, they blend in naturally with the decor. Don't wait any longer to buy the cheap dressing table mirrors at Silumen with free delivery from 60€ of purchase.

Dressing table mirrors

Find these design mirrors in the age of time! Now available in tactile , swivel and lighted versions , dressing...

Illuminated Dressing Mirrors

Fall in love with the styling mirrors to enhance your beauty routine! Thanks to its integrated LED lights , these...

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