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Opt for a selection of quality 220V 12V Transformers. Take advantage of a wide choice and save money by switching to LED Illuminate your interior with your 220V 12V transformers. Choose quality LED lighting with these 220V 12V transformers for your interior. Lighting your living space easily and choose your product from a wide choice on Silumen.

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  • -25.13%
Transformer 220V 12V 80W DC 6.66A

Inverter DC 220V 12V 80W 6.66A

Regular price €19.90 -25.13% Price €14.90

Transformer 220V 12V 200W IP20 DC 16.5A

Price €27.50

  • -30%
Transformer 220V 12V 400W IP20 DC 33A

Inverter DC 220V 12V 400W IP20 33A

Regular price €42.70 -30% Price €29.89

  • -40%
220V 12V 60W DC 5A transformer

Inverter DC 220V 12V 60W 5A

Regular price €19.17 -40% Price €11.50

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Transformer 220V 12V IP67 20W DC 1.67A

Transformer 220V 12V 20W IP67 DC 1.67A

Regular price €15.90 -31.45% Price €10.90

Transformer 220V 12V 72W for LED lighting

Price €64.50

Inverter DC 220V 12V 72W 6A

Price €16.50

Transformer 220V 12V 25W IP67 DC 2A

Price €7.90

220V 12V 12V waterproof IP68 20W transformer for swimming pool

Price €15.80

IP68 60W waterproof 220V 12V Transformer for Swimming Pools

Price €31.50


Price €35.50