Flexible LED Neons

Flexible neon lights are light bands that diffuse a homogeneous light with no visible point of light. It is an essential lighting element to draw shapes, illuminate your sign or decorate your interior. With an IP65 degree of protection, this standard guarantees the waterproofing of your flexible LED neon lights. Take advantage now. Choose your flexible neon in 24V or 220V, colored or white.

Accessories for Flexible Neons

Discover the accessories for flexible LED neon lights on Silumen. Compatible with our range of flexible LED neon...

24V Flexible LED Neons

Our 24V Flexible Neons are low voltage 24V LED light strips. They are characterized by its flexibility. Create...

220V Flexible LED Neons

220V LED flexible neon lights are bright flexible LED ribbons that have an opalescent diffuser. Its uniform light...
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