Track Lightsing

For home or professional use, opt for our wide range of Track Lighting and choose a good value for money with Silumen. Illuminate your interior with your Track Lighting. Many powers, lighting color, models are available online. Like the biggest brands, equip yourself with Track Lighting and enhance your products on the shelves. Do you want to install these products and need more information? Our customer service is available and responsive.

48V Magnetic Rail Connectors

For home or professional use, choose our wide range of 48V Magnetic Rail Connectors and choose a good value for...

Bell Pendant Lights

Opt for the LED Bell Suspensions to enjoy a luminaire with an unusual appearance and various hypnotizing 3D...

48V Magnetic Rail Lights

Let yourself be tempted by quality LED lighting and fast delivery to your home. Choose from many 48V Magnetic Rail...

48V Magnetic Rails

Choose from a selection of quality 48V magnetic rails. Enjoy a wide choice and save money by switching to LED. Light...

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