Furniture Lighting

Your furniture deserves quality LED lighting. Come and discover the different adapted products. Delivery is free from 60 € of purchase. Take advantage of products adapted to an indoor environment. Discover our range of Furniture Lighting available in different lighting colors, so that you find the perfect LED product for your decoration and your environment. Take advantage of LED technology, innovative, economical and ecological.

Dressing room lighting

Do not waste time looking for your belongings due to lack of light by finding the right products to light your...

LED Light for Drawers and...

Cabinet and drawer can now be illuminated with quality LED products, find your ideal luminaire with Silumen. Save on...

LED spotlights for furniture

Your furniture can now be illuminated with a discreet luminaire thanks to this category of LED spotlight for...

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LED bar Adjustable Rack 100.8-115.8 cm BLACK with motion detector

Price €89.90

LED bar Adjustable Rack 40.8-55.8 cm BLACK 0.6W with motion...

Price €56.50

Integrated LED profile 60cm 7.5W 12V Angle with infrared sensor

Price €14.90