LED Recessed Spotlights & Downlights

For domestic or professional use, opt for our wide range of recessed LED Downlights & Spotlights and choose a good quality / price ratio with Silumen. Illuminate your interior with your recessed LED Downlights & Spots. Many powers, lighting color, models are available online. Like the biggest brands, equip yourself with downlights & recessed LED spots and sublimate your products on the shelves. With LED, save up to 80% on your electricity consumption.

LED Recessed Spotlights & Downlights

LED Downlights & Recessed...

For domestic or professional use, opt for our wide range of Recessed LED Downlights & Spots - simple and choose a...

LED Downlights & Recessed...

Choose from a selection of quality LED recessed downlights & downlights - double / triple. Enjoy a wide choice and...

LED Downlights & Recessed...

Order your LED lighting online and enjoy fast delivery. Choose from many adjustable LED downlights & downlights at...

Dimmable LED Spotlights

Change the color of your luminaire as you wish with this category of Dimmable LED Spotlights. Delivery is free from...

Recessed GU10 LED spotlights

Opt for a selection of quality GU10 recessed LED spotlights. Take advantage of a wide choice and save money by...

Flat LED spotlights -...

Discover our flat LED spotlights - Downlights. These are innovative lighting solutions for individuals and...

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  • -13.07%
Downlight Double Spot LED COB Dimmable Rectangle White / Gold 2x9W 120 °

Double Spot Recessed LED COB 120 ° 2x9W Dimmable Rectangle...

Regular price €45.90 -13.07% Price €39.90

  • -25.71%
Downlight LED Panel 3W 120 ° Extra Flat Square WHITE

Downlight Slab LED 3W 120 ° Extra Square Plate WHITE

Regular price €3.50 -25.71% Price €2.60

  • -30%
Downlight LED Slab Extra Flat Round WHITE 12W

Downlight Slab LED 12W Extra Flat Round WHITE

Regular price €7.50 -30% Price €5.25

  • -50%
Round Recessed LED Spotlight 7W 80 ° Adjustable

Adjustable Recessed Lighting LED 7W 80 ° Round

Regular price €15.00 -50% Price €7.50

LED Downlight 3W Extra Flat Round WHITE

Price €4.90

Support Spotlight Round Swivel WHITE

Price €3.20

Support INOX Round Spot

Price €2.50

Support Adjustable Spot Square WHITE

Price €3.00

  • -20%
Downlight Spot LED COB Adjustable Dimmable Round Black 9W 120 °

Recessed LED spotlight 9W COB 120 ° Orientable Dimmable Round...

Regular price €16.90 -20% Price €13.52

  • -30%
Mini Spot LED Recessed 3W COB 45 ° Adjustable Round

Mini LED Spotlight 3W COB Recessed Adjustable Round 45 °

Regular price €5.45 -30% Price €3.82

Kit Spot LED GU10 built with LED Bulb 8W

Price €6.90

  • -20%
LED Downlight Recessed 12W 80 ° Adjustable Round

Spot LED Recessed Adjustable Round 12W 80 °

Regular price €12.50 -20% Price €10.00

Kit Spot LED GU10 6W LED Bulb with built (Pack of 10)

Price €52.90



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