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Trendy furniture for a crazy decor!

Want to breathe? Discover our various furniture and decorations to create the decor of your dreams in the blink of an eye. A shoe bench, a plant, a new bedside lamp? Treat yourself!

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Would you like to harmonize your interior even more?

Storage Accessories

Discreet but essential, our Storage Accessories allow you to organize your belongings. This selection is designed to...

Storage Boxes

Not only are Storage Boxes a tote, receptacle for all the things that are lying around, but they are also beautiful...

Shelf, Modular Furniture

How to do without Silumen Modular Shelves and Furniture? Anything that is functional can also be decorative....

Storage Furniture

LED lighting for all types of space Thanks to our Storage Units, organizing your rooms and tidying up your...


Make the right choice of furniture for your next decoration ! Screens are the timeless solution to hide...

Garbage cans

Garbage cans yes, but not only! An integral part of your furniture the garbage cans are used to isolate waste and...

Poufs and Footstools

Say "whew" with our ottomans and footstools Relax after a hectic day with a beanbag. Opt for your bedroom or...


The table is an essential decorative accessory to dress up a living room, there is no question of doing without it....
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