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Table lamps and table lamps for your daily life

Whether it is a desk lamp, a bedside lamp for your bedroom or a night light for children, you will find your happiness among our products to fill your interior. For each activity, a lamp.

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Floor Lamps

The Floor Lamps fit into all interior styles. They are found in the bedroom, living room or office. Depending on the...

Desk Lamps

In your office, you need to create an environment conducive to work, concentration and efficiency. To help you in...

Bedside Lamps

The bedside lamp is essential for a comfortable bedroom, day or night. Silumen offers you its selection of Bedside...

Decorative Lamps

Because lamps do not only have the function of lighting but also to beautify and decorate your room. Discover our...

Salt Lamps

Discover our selection of Salt lamps to effectively illuminate and decorate your interior. The salt lamp is a very...

Table Lamps

The light fixtures are of paramount importance to equip and decorate an interior. General, ambient or...

Floor Lamps

The floor lamps have the formidable property of bringing added value in the embellishment of its interior spaces....

LED Lanterns

Get our beautiful bright LED lanterns, they are great decorative and markup accessories. At events, lanterns can be...

LED Night Lights

Offer an LED night light to your baby or child to accompany him during his nights. The design of our LED night light...
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