Storage Furniture

Thanks to our Storage Units, organizing your rooms and tidying up your things becomes child's play. Between boxes or storage units, shelves, baskets and side tables, you will find something to transform your room into a comfortable, tidy and designer space. Our selection of storage furniture can be arranged in the living room, entrance or bedroom depending on your layout and style.

Cabinets - Silumen

Storage Accessories

Discreet but essential, our Storage Accessories allow you to organize your belongings. This selection is designed to...

Storage Boxes

Not only are Storage Boxes a tote, receptacle for all the things that are lying around, but they are also beautiful...

Shelf, Modular Furniture

How to do without Silumen Modular Shelves and Furniture? Anything that is functional can also be decorative....

Baskets and Chests

We offer a selection of aesthetic and practical storage with our range of Baskets and Chests. These products have a...

Side Table

Our beautiful Side Tables bring a touch of style and modernity to any of your rooms. They are installed at the end...

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