Storage Boxes

Not only are Storage Boxes a tote, receptacle for all the things that are lying around, but they are also beautiful decorative items to pair with your indoor furniture. Choose the storage box that suits you for your interior and store everyday items.

Storage Bins

Organize your space efficiently by purchasing one or more of our Storage bins . We have a wide selection of boxes,...

Jewelry Boxes

Combine storage and decoration by opting for storage accessories that are both practical and aesthetic. Silumen...

Baskets and Chests

We offer a selection of aesthetic and practical storage with our range of Baskets and Chests. These products have a...

Makeup Storage

Are you looking for effective solutions to optimize the storage of your interior? You will find all kinds of...
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Foldable bench storage box 76cm

Price €45.90

Foldable velvet Pouf storage box 31cm

Price €14.50

38cm quilted pouffe storage box

Price €25.50

Pouf Round Storage Wooden Child - Gray

Price €39.50

Storage box storage matt 75cm

Price €50.50

Pouf Square Storage in Jean - Blue

Price €18.00

Light gray foldable bench storage box 75.5cm

Price €45.00