Christmas Lights Garlands

Our Christmas Light Garlands are a whole collection designed to brighten up your parties and decorate your interior as well as your exterior. You will find battery-powered garlands, tube-shaped garlands and even tinsel garlands. All our products are guaranteed for 2 years. Opt for a quality and economical solution with Silumen products.

Guinguettes Garlands

Guinguettes Garlands are popular festive garlands to decorate the interior and exterior with a subdued single-color...

Flashing Lights Garlands

These flashing garlands of lights are essential elements of decoration for an optimal Christmas decoration. They...

Outdoor Christmas Lights

How to do without Christmas Outdoor Light Strings when it comes to decorating the outside for an event (weddings,...

Indoor Christmas Lights

Indoor Christmas lights are creators of atmosphere. Choose a multicolored garland for more cheerfulness and for a...

Garlands Stalactites

On the occasion of Christmas, Stalactite Garlands are garlands to equip your shop windows, windows, wall facings or...

Christmas Lights Curtains

Discover the Christmas LED Curtains, both discreet and powerful lighting that allows you to create a real atmosphere...


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