Waterproof Transformers

Remember to equip yourself with waterproof transformers for your 12V or 24V IP44 LED strips or more. With an IP67 degree of protection, they will be very useful to you in order to have a waterproof and secure installation for your exterior or your wet room such as bathroom or cellar / basement. Be sure to identify the voltage of your luminaire but also the power of the device in order to determine the right transformer. Do not hesitate to contact us for your lighting project.

Waterproof 220V Connectors

Thanks to the 220V Waterproof Connectors, make the installation of your tape easier and more secure. The electrical...

Waterproof 220V 12V...

Our waterproof 220V 12V transformers allow switching from alternating current to direct current. It is a useful...

Waterproof 220V 24V...

Silumen's 220V 24V waterproof transformers change your 220V alternating current into 24V direct current in order to...

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Transformer 220V 12V IP67 20W DC 1.67A

Transformer 220V 12V 20W IP67 DC 1.67A

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Transformer 220V 12V 25W IP67 DC 2A

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