T8 LED Tubes & Neons

Think of T8 LED Tubes & Neons in your lighting project. Two-pin, power is supplied from both sides. Our T8 LED Tubes & Neons work without ballast or starter. Installation is easy. Before that, go for the length, wattage and lighting color you want. Replace your old halogen or compact fluorescent luminaires now with LED technology.

60cm T8 LED Tubes & Neons

Discover our wide range of 60cm T8 LED Neons, ideal for saving energy thanks to LED technology Illuminate your...

120cm LED Tubes & neons T8

Order your LED lighting online and enjoy fast delivery. Choose from many 120cm T8 LED Neons at an excellent value...

150cm LED Tubes & Neons T8

Let yourself be tempted by quality LED lighting and fast delivery to your home. Choose from many T8 150cm Silumen...
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