Classical LED Floodlights

Opt for a selection of quality classic LED floodlights. Enjoy a wide choice and save money by switching to Waterproof LEDs, these Classic LED Floodlights will illuminate your exterior in the most beautiful way. Choose high-performance and efficient LED outdoor lighting. Choose quality LED lighting with these Classic LED Floodlights for your interior. Lighting your living space easily and choose your product from a wide choice on Silumen.

Classical LED Floodlights

LED Floodlights 20W

Order your LED lighting online and enjoy fast delivery. Choose from many 20W LED Floodlights at excellent value for...

LED Floodlights 30W

Let yourself be tempted by quality LED lighting and fast delivery to your home. Choose from many 30W Silumen LED...

LED Floodlights 50W

Discover our wide range of 70W + LED Floodlights, ideal for saving energy thanks to LED technology Illuminate your...

LED Floodlights 70W +

For home or professional use, opt for our wide range of 70W LED Floodlights and choose a good quality / price ratio...

100W LED floodlights

Equip yourself with 100W LED spotlights. Prized for their luminous rendering, they are perfect for illuminating...

150W LED floodlights

Enjoy powerful and energy-efficient lighting with our selection of 150W LED Floodlights. IP65, its watertight...

200W LED floodlights

Recognized for their robustness and luminous efficiency, our 200W LED Floodlights are perfect for lighting.

Projecteurs LED

Discover the 300W LED floodlights with a sober and modern design. With a high light output, they easily replace...

400W LED floodlights

Outdoor events, large spaces or construction sites, it is essential to have powerful and economical lighting at the...

500W LED floodlights

The 500W LED Floodlights are powerful lighting solutions that are suitable for an outdoor but also indoor lighting...

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Exterior LED projector 50W IP65 BLUE GRAY (10 Pack)

Price €189.90

Exterior LED projector 50W IP65 BLUE GRAY (pack of 5)

Price €140.00

  • -5.71%
Projecteur LED 100W Extérieur IP65 Extra Plat

100W LED Outdoor IP65 Extra Flat Projector

Regular price €45.50 -5.71% Price €42.90

150W LED Floodlight 150 ° IP65 WHITE

Price €99.50

  • -30%
Projecteur LED Rechargeable 10W Portable IP65 Phare NOIR

Rechargeable Portable LED Projector 10W IP65 BLACK

Regular price €43.57 -30% Price €30.50
Offer ends in:

Exterior LED projector 200W IP65 BLUE GRAY

Price €85.00

Exterior LED projector 50W IP65 BLACK

Price €27.50

  • -20%

30W IP66 Outdoor RGB LED Flat BLACK Projector

Regular price €42.38 -20% Price €33.90
Offer ends in:

  • -30%

10W IP66 Outdoor RGB LED Flat BLACK Projector

Regular price €27.00 -30% Price €18.90
Offer ends in:



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