Floor lamps

The Floor Lamps fit into all interior styles. They are found in the bedroom, living room or office. Depending on the models and the power of your LED bulb, they can play different roles: create a subdued mood light, or accentuate the lighting of a particular area suitable for reading, work or any other activity.

Wood Floor Lamps

Wood has always been very popular in the design of many decorative accessories. Firstly, it brings a raw and natural...

Bedroom Floor Lamps

So that your room can breathe a whole new aura, choose one of our many bedroom floor lamps and be sure to be at...

Design Floor Lamps

For your interior decoration, opt for strong pieces that will bring relief and personality. Silumen offers you this...

Gray Floor Lamps

In a contemporary look while leaving a little room for vintage, adopt one of our gray floor lamps that will...

Industrial Floor Lamps

In recent years, vintage and industrial styles have been increasingly appreciated thanks to the uniqueness of the...

Modern Floor Lamps

What could be better than embellishing your living space with decorative elements that exude modernity and novelty....

Black Floor Lamps

The purchase of a floor lamp is necessary to embellish with value its interior. In order to satisfy you as well as...

Living room floor lamps

The living room is the flagship room of the house, its decoration will reflect your style and your personality. This...

Scandinavian floor lamps

The Scandinavian style of decoration is characterized by its natural and elegant spirit and is manifested above all...

Tripod Floor Lamps

The tripod floor lamps are still in vogue today thanks to their style whose timelessness is not to teach anyone....

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Floor Lamp Tripod Projector in Black White Gold 145cm

Price €106.50

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Tripod lamp projector in white gray 145cm

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Industrial lamp Tripod in pine h150cm bronze

Price €98.90

Floor Living Room Tripod Metal and Pin H149cm

Price €104.90

Floor lamp floor on gold metal gold gold H150cm

Price €44.80