Guirlandes Solaires Extérieures

Do you want to light your exterior but you don't have an electrical outlet allowing you to plug in a light? No worries, you are in the ideal category! Here, find the perfect solar garland for your project. Save on your electricity bill while doing a gesture for the planet by purchasing an Outdoor Solar Garland. Install where you want and with ease your outdoor lighting.

Solar Outdoor Garlands

Be at the forefront of novelty by betting on our many choices of solar outdoor garlands . Designed to bring charm...

Solar Fairy Lights

For professional or home use, discover our variety of solar fairy lights which will dress your interior and...

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Guirlande Solaire LED BLANC 5M IP?? -

Price €22.50


Price €22.90

Guirlande Solaire LED 10M 100LED IP?? - Câble vert, BLANC FROID

Price €22.90

Guilande 200 Nano LED

Price €20.50

Guilande solaire 25M 200 Nano LED IP44, 8 modes - BLANC FROID

Price €22.90