Round Bathroom Mirrors

The mirror is essential in a bathroom. Silumen offers you a selection of Illuminated round mirrors offering style and additional lighting to your room, because the more light your bathroom is, the better it will be. Our selection is made up of several mirrors with different dimensions that will perfectly match the walls of your bathroom. Their lighting system produces quality light that will be particularly useful to you during your beauty treatment, both during the day and in the evening. In addition, their round shape evokes a certain balance and delicacy that will delight more than one. Discover our wide range of LED mirrors to satisfy you, both in terms of aesthetics and quality.

LED Mirrors 60cm

Let yourself be tempted by our round lighted mirrors to decorate your bathroom. Our 60cm LED mirrors are ultra...

Miroirs Led 80cm

Illuminate your face and light up your bathroom with LED mirrors . Decorate your makeup area and make it easy...

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