LED Bathroom Spotlights

Personalize your bathroom by opting for lighting methods that will stimulate your creativity. For this, Silumen offers you this selection of Bathroom spotlights, a quality light source but very economical, the rendering of which may vary depending on its use. The light spot is inexpensive and consumes less energy compared to all other lights, but it is no less interesting. Consider recessed spotlights in the ceiling or your furniture, or place them behind mirrors and shelves to create an original and very pleasant effect in your bathroom. Also discover our range of IP65 bathroom spotlights, specially designed to cope with the humid environment of a bathroom.

Shower Spots

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Recessed Bathroom Spots

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Bathroom Furniture Spotlights

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IP65 Bathroom Spotlights

It is essential to give special importance to the lighting of your bathroom. Indeed, this room is singular by its...
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