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Smartly design your bathroom with our Bathroom shelves Silumen . Our selection is made up of several types of bathroom shelves, the functions of which vary depending on the model. Wooden shelves, shower trays or mirror shelves, you will find what you are looking for. Take advantage of the quality of our products, made of quality materials and resistant to the humid world of bathrooms. Thanks to our shelves, you can store your shower products, accessories, towels and bath towels for better space organization and to facilitate their use. Browse our site and discover our range of bathroom storage furniture for your satisfaction.

Corner Bathroom Shelves

Are you looking for storage units effective for your bathroom? You will find what you need on our site. We...

Bamboo Bathroom Shelves

To better organize your bathroom, opt for storage units quality, compact but ultra-functional. Silumen offers...

Wood Bathroom Shelves

Organize your bathroom by opting for storage units quality and designed to facilitate the storage of your...

Shower Shelves

Every room in the house needs efficient storage solutions to keep it tidy. For your bathroom, we offer this...
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Bamboo shelf at 3 levels 30x18x82 cm

Bamboo shelf at 3 levels 30x18x82 cm

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