A rug to keep your feet warm

Discover our range of rugs to decorate your living room, adorn your doorstep or for your bedrooms. Do you hate the cold floor when you wake up? Opt for a rug to finish it off and stay comfortable in all the rooms of your cocoon.

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Usually placed in front of the front door, the doormat is an essential accessory to keep your interior clean. It is...

Berber Style Rugs

You have always wanted to surprise through your interior decoration, especially with your carpets ? Berber rugs...

Soft Rugs

The carpet is an essential to add a touch of style in the interior decoration . It is welcome whether in the...

Bedroom Rugs

To dress up your room, choose our Bedroom rugs Silumen . Our selection is made up of various models of rugs...

Entrance Mat

Dress up your home with a pretty Entrance mat that you have carefully chosen from our selection. The Entrance mat...

Gray Rugs

Dress up your floors with our carpet Silumen , quality rugs at reduced prices. We offer you this selection of...

Jute Rugs

Naturalness invites itself into all interiors. Green plants, bamboo accessories and natural fiber rugs combine to...

Natural Rugs

The function of carpet is essential in interior decoration. Indeed, this accessory finishes your decoration...

Round Rugs

Bring warmth and life into your home by opting for one of our Round rugs . This original shape and yet easy to...

Living Room Rugs

Dress up your interior with our carpet Silumen . Among them, discover our selection of Living room rug ,...

Scandinavian Rugs

To sublimate your living space in the Scandinavian style, we have what to advise you. Scandinavian design is a type...
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