Jute Rugs

Naturalness invites itself into all interiors. Green plants, bamboo accessories and natural fiber rugs combine to create a calm and soothing atmosphere in your home. Silumen offers you this selection of Jute rugs to elegantly dress your floors while paying particular attention to the practical and ecological aspect of these accessories. Indeed, jute rugs accumulate the advantages: they are ecological, biodegradable and very resistant, they require little care and maintenance, and are less expensive than traditional rugs. In addition, their natural colors (sand, brown, black) are versatile. Silumen also has a selection of round rugs trends to beautify your interior.

Rectangular Jute Rugs

Jute fiber is a natural material used to make textiles but also various decorative elements. Jute is distinguished...

Jute Round Rugs

Complete your interior decoration with one of our pretty carpet Silumen . We offer you this selection of...

Jute Round Rugs 120cm

Dress the floor in a beautiful room with a natural carpet is always a good idea because a rug made of natural...
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