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The mirror, in addition to being a useful accessory to your daily life can prove to be a particularly decorative element for the place where you will put it. A wide selection of LED mirrors has been meticulously chosen by Silumen to please you and make your daily life easier. Available in various sizes and shapes, our LED illuminated mirrors will represent the innovative element of a beautiful bedroom or your bathroom. To meet your needs, there are many uses: for your make-up sessions, you could for example opt for one of our illuminated makeup mirrors . Do not wait any longer to browse our range of lighted mirrors and be sure to be original!

Hollywood mirrors

Mirror, mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful? Silumen has selected a wide range of LED mirrors to satisfy...

Miroirs Led Rectangulaires

The perfect accessory for your bathroom or bedroom , LED mirrors ! This beautiful innovation is here to...

Round Bathroom Mirrors

The mirror is essential in a bathroom. Silumen offers you a selection of Illuminated round mirrors offering style...
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