Toilet Brushes

You need'WC accessories to keep your toilets clean and functional? Browse our site, you will find what you are looking for. Silumen offers you this selection of Toilet brushes, a useful accessory to maintain good hygiene in this very frequented room, and which will also serve as decoration thanks to our various models all as stylish as each other. Ceramic, PVC, wooden or plastic brushes, a wide choice is available to you with various designs to match all styles of decoration. In addition, our toilet brushes are guaranteed of high quality and sold at a low price, to satisfy you.

Wood Toilet Brushes

For warm and functional toilets, rely on WC accessories both practical and aesthetic. Silumen offers you this...

Black Toilet Brushes

To maintain your toilets, Silumen offers you this selection of Black toilet brushes , a color that elegantly...
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