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To ensure the lighting of all the rooms in your house, opt for E27 Wall Sconces Silumen. In this category, you will find various models ofwall sconces with E27 base, which is the most common lighting attachment system in homes, which will certainly make your job easier. You won't struggle to find suitable bulbs for your indoor E27 wall sconces. In fact, Silumen has a wide range ofE27 LED bulbs, with several models and colors of bulbs to satisfy all your needs. Enjoy the design of our E27 LED wall lamps to enhance your home decor and the quality of the LED used to illuminate it without consuming too much electricity. Also benefit from the possibility of changing the bulbs of your wall lamps, provided that they are equipped with a socket E27 adapted to our lights, for a luminous rendering and design. Discover also our wide range ofinterior wall lights with all kinds of lights such as wall lights in wood or ceramic

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