Tripod Floor Lamps

The tripod floor lamps are still in vogue today thanks to their style whose timelessness is not to teach anyone. Serving both as an accent lighting support for a room, they are also a unique decorative accessory to adorn your spaces in the best possible way. We have carefully chosen a range of tripod floor lamps to satisfy you at best and there is something for all styles: modern, vintage, in metal, in wood, high, small ... To vary the pleasures, also discover our range of industrial tripod floor lamps and bring significant added value to your interior.

Wooden Tripod Floor Lamps

To bring a touch of modernity and pep to your interior, dare to bet on the unique character of our wooden tripod...

Industrial Tripod Floor Lamps

To give your interior spaces a different look, discover our range of magnificent tripod floor lamps available in...

Black Tripod Floor Lamps

For efficient auxiliary lighting and to brighten up your interior spaces with style, bet on one or more of our...

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