Wooden 3-light pendant lamps

Combine lighting and interior design with our wooden 3-light pendant lamps. Presented in a linear or non-linear fashion, the 3 lamps of our wooden triple pendant lights will bring a contemporary style to your home. These hangers are ideal for your living room or kitchen, they will make sensation in a large space but will also suit smaller spaces. Indeed, this kind of wooden 3-light pendant can effectively light and decorate a space without cluttering it. So, you will benefit from the quality of lighting offered by LED and the exceptional aesthetics of our 3-light pendant lamps by ordering yours on our site, at the best price. Silumen assures you the quality, performance and durability of its products. Stay in this spirit and light up the other rooms of the house with our wood hanging lamps; this range contains various models of hanging lamps such as wood and metal hanging lamps, or bamboo hanging lamps.

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