Santas Sleigh

For a successful Christmas decoration, opt for the Santa Claus decorating accessories available at Silumen! We offer a wide selection of Santa's sleigh to complete your decorating scheme and to design an enchanting and harmonious decor! This key element of your space reminds us of Santa Claus on his sleigh who is getting ready to deliver children's gifts all over the world. Discover our Santa Claus with his sleigh and reindeer for a charming effect in your room, and our glowing Santa Claus sleighs for a stunning decor that will amaze many!

Black Cushions

Who says Christmas rhymes with Sleigh Santas ! During the end of year celebrations, Santa Claus' role is very...

Traîneau Père Noël Lumineux

The holiday season often means a lot of planning for decorating your home. Buy Santa's sleigh to embellish your...

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