Suspensions Industrielles

Embellish your interior by focusing on our many varieties of industrial suspensions just waiting to be discovered and hung in the rooms of your home. The industrial style is ideal for dressing your rooms differently with geometric decorative elements whose aesthetic is real. Our industrial pendant lights are available in number to please you as well as possible. The diversity of models, shapes, materials used but also colors gives you the opportunity to carefully choose the one or those that would best suit your decor and your tastes. In the same style, also discover our complete range of design pendant lights.

Black Industrial Pendant...

The industrial style is characterized by the use of robust furniture in wood and metal but also by the use of black...

Metal Pendant Lights

Adopt a style of decoration that is out of the ordinary by focusing on our beautiful metal pendant lights . Robust...

Geometric suspensions

The decoration of your space is a priority for us, that's why Silumen has selected a wide range of industrial...
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