Metal Pendant Lights

Adopt a style of decoration that is out of the ordinary by focusing on our beautiful metal pendant lights. Robust and reliable, they will bring a special allure to your interior spaces while illuminating them with a sacred character. The choice of a metal pendant light is interesting because will make your interior naturally have an industrial and retro vintage look. With their raw geometric shapes, our metal pendant lights will be a significant touch of originality for your apartment or house. You will have the choice between black metal pendant lights or in other colors; and the models that we offer are also varied in order to delight you at best. Don't wait any longer to take a look!

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Suspension 3 metal lamps and wood 104x32cm

Price €129.00

Suspension 3 metal and pin lamps 25x95cm

Price €37.90

Suspension 4 metal lamps and 80x110cm pin

Price €34.50

White suspension Cone metal and pine 32x23cm

Price €41.00

Suspension black metal and wood design 38x46cm

Price €123.49

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Industrial Suspension Metal and Wood Gray Bell 57x20cm

Industrial Suspension Metal and Wood Gray Bell 57x20cm

Price €115.50

Black metal suspension and D.15cm pine for E27 bulb

Price €16.50

Black suspension Metal cone and 32x23cm pine

Price €37.50

Rattan and black metal suspension 35 cm for E27 bulb

Price €29.90