Wood pendant lights

Give life to your decor, just with suspension lights ! Wooden lamps offer a zen and natural charm to your interior rooms. In addition to exceptional interior lighting, the suspensions rattan have a captivating traditional design. Simply integrate LED bulbs to obtain an ergonomic and more economical light. The wood suspensions are available in bamboo pendant lightsrattan and other natural hanging lamps at Silumen. If you are more interested in modernity, there are some outstanding contemporary pendant lights. Buy the wooden suspension that makes you happy on Silumen.com, a 2 year warranty on all products!

Wooden 3-light pendant lamps

Combine lighting and interior design with our wooden 3-light pendant lamps. Presented in a linear or non-linear...

Bamboo Pendant Lights

Passionate about beautiful interior decorations? Bamboo pendant lights add a natural touch to your decor. Even...

Wood and metal suspensions

Furnish your home intelligently by combining the useful and the pleasant. For that, Silumen proposes you its range...

Driftwood Pendant Lights

The final touch that will sublimate your beautiful living room? A driftwood pendant, of course. Create a bohemian...

Natural Wooden Hangers

Enhance your interior rooms with a mix of styles and lights! Wooden pendant lights are reinvented to suit both...

Natural Pendant Lights

Opt for an interior decoration in osmosis with nature. Illuminate your rooms with hanging lights made of...

Vertigo Pendant Lights

A work of art or a light fixture ? Why choose? Recognizable by its ellipse or circular structure composed of many...
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