Straw suspensions

Furnish your home intelligently by combining the useful and the pleasant. For that, Silumen proposes you its range of suspensions in wood and metal, ideal to light your interior while decorating it. In this range, various models of suspensions whose materials of manufacture are the wood and the metal of quality, are proposed to you, all having a strong decorative potential. Choose yours on our site and enjoy the efficient lighting offered by LED, as well as the durability of our products Silumen. All rooms of the house will find their happiness in this category, with metal and wood suspensions in neutral colors that will not clash with your decoration. So, don't wait any longer and buy your wooden and metal hangers on our website, at the best price. Don't forget to browse through our range of wooden hanging lamps to vary the pleasures and bring diversity to your interior design, you will find for example hanging lamps made of bamboo or driftwood, very trendy at the moment.

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