Black Pendant Lights

The pendant lights have the particularity of illuminating spaces with elegance and originality while being a major element of your decoration. Thus, Silumen has selected for you a wide range of black pendant lights so that you can make the best possible choices and dress your living room, dining room, bedroom, hallway or beautiful office with taste. From the Scandinavian style, through the industrial style to the modern look with LED strips, the variety of black pendant lights available to us is wide, enough to vary the pleasures as much as possible. The formats available to us are also numerous, ranging from simple bulb suspensions to slightly more imposing designer suspensions.

Ball Ceiling Lights

The lighting in your space is more perplexing than you think. To achieve a harmonious lighting in your room, Silumen...

Black Metal Pendant Lights

In order to make your home a place where design is king, we have concocted a selection of black metal pendant...

Black and wood suspensions

The decoration of your space is a priority for us, that's why Silumen offers a wide range of black suspensions ....

Driftwood Ceiling Lights

For a sober and modern lighting, opt for the black suspensions of quality. The advantage of having a hanging lamp...
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Industrial Suspension Metal and Wood Gray Bell 57x20cm

Industrial Suspension Metal and Wood Gray Bell 57x20cm

Price €115.50

Suspension 3 metal lamps and wood 104x32cm

Price €129.00

Suspension 4 metal lamps and 80x110cm pin

Price €34.50

Suspension 3 metal and pin lamps 25x95cm

Price €37.90

Rattan and black metal suspension 35 cm for E27 bulb

Price €29.90

Suspension black metal and wood design 38x46cm

Price €123.49

Black metal suspension and D.15cm pine for E27 bulb

Price €16.50

Black suspension Metal cone and 32x23cm pine

Price €37.50

Black wood lamp pendant lamp for GU10 bulb

Price €60.00

Suspension 3 wooden lamps for guy bulb

Price €176.00

Suspension 2 wood lamps for GU10 bulb

Price €117.00

Suspension 3 Black Gold Lamps Elegant For Bulb E27

Price €156.90


Price €4.60


Price €24.50


Price €28.90