Objets Connectés

Connected Objects

Make your home connected for an easier life!

Make your home connected for an easier life! Discover our diferent models of connected objects, including light bulbs, cameras, radiators, switches..The ideal way to connect and light up your home or your exterior with ease. Programmed, customized, set up at your convenience in a few clicks!

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Connected Lights Bulbs

Today, we are more and more confronted with technological evolution . Indeed, many new smart devices are appearing...

Smart Cameras

Whether it's a security concern or you just want to keep a constant eye on your home , we offer a wide range of...

Connected Heating

During the winter, you are surely tired of coming in the polar cold of your apartment or your house. Be reassured,...

Bluetooth Speaker

Listening to music wherever you are soothes you and reduces your stress? Why not opt for Bluetooth speakers to enjoy...

Connected Switches

Do you now want to transform your home into a connected home that is true to the age of modern technology ? Why not...

Connected Lights

Are you passionate about new technological advances ? Then you will surely be surprised by the new collection of...

Connected Sockets

Did you know that? There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of equipment equipped with the new...

Zigbee Gateway

Explore the full potential of your connected home! The wifi gateway connects your connected objects...
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