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For an authentic and elegant decor, discover our magnificent pendant lights 3 lights and do not hesitate to fall for them. The 3-bulb pendant lights that we have selected for you will dress your living room or your dining room with great care. They are available in many sizes and models so that you can choose the one that best suits your decor or the surface of your space. All our 3-bulb pendant lights have also been designed to produce elements that are qualitative but also durable. Whether for the living room, the kitchen or the dining room, consider discovering our choices of pendant lights and let yourself be tempted!

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Suspension 3 metal lamps and wood 104x32cm

Price €129.00

Suspension 3 metal and pin lamps 25x95cm

Price €37.90

Suspension 4 metal lamps and 80x110cm pin

Price €34.50

Suspension 3 wooden lamps for guy bulb

Price €176.00

Suspension 3 Black Gold Lamps Elegant For Bulb E27

Price €156.90