Cannage suspensions

Opt for a natural and zen decoration to embellish your house by betting on our sublime rattan suspensions which will bring a real added value in your interior lighting. Silumen chose for you a broad and rich variety of rattan suspensions lights which, in addition to making you travel, will not leave your guests indifferent. In order to allow you to make the best possible choice, our rattan lighting fixtures are available in almost unique models and will fit perfectly in any room of your house from your living room to the kitchen, a nice office or the bedrooms. In addition, they have an excellent practical function because they are compatible with E27 bulbs that you can find anywhere. Also, thanks to their IP20 rating, our rope lights are resistant to vibrations as well as shocks. Don't worry because these rattan suspension lights will resist wear and tear without any problem and will last perfectly over time. Discover also our metal and rattan suspensions and our cane suspensions.

Cane suspensions

Bring a natural and charming touch to your home with our Cane Hangers . By definition, caning is a technique of...

Metal and rattan suspensions

An essential element of your decoration is undoubtedly the choice of your lights, not to say the essential...

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