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Lignée de suspensions avec ampoules

Light intensity: Watts or Lumens?

How to calculate the amount of lighting needed for a space? What are the parameters to consider? With Silumen , your lighting is successful.

The lighting needed is specific to each room and space.
Today, let's talk about Lumens and not Watts. The LED allows a light output much higher than its congeners for a lower energy consumption.
Cuisine avec ruban led

Where and how to install an LED strip in the kitchen?

The LED strip is popular with individuals who have adopted it for the end of the year celebrations. But did you know that LED tape under kitchen tall units can do other things for you? Adopt the ribbon and embellish one of the family's favorite pieces.
Une mère avec sa petite fille sur le dos

Which LED night light should I choose for my child?

Babies, like young children, often need a night light. This is usually expressed from the age of eight months, when the child is the victim of strong anxieties at the time of sunset. The installation of an LED night light brings the baby a sense of comfort. Discover our advice and make the right choice!
Mains avec ampoules en l'air

Throw away your used LEDs

Think about our dear planet and adopt good habits for quality recycling. You do not know how to do it ? Discover all our tips with this guide.
lignée d'ampoules design sur fond noir

Choosing the right LED bulb base

Difficult to navigate among all the shapes and sizes of bulb bases that exist on the market? Here, you will find lots of advice and information to guide you in the best way in choosing your bulb base!

Our Favorites - March 2021

Discover the Silumen and explore the team's favorite treasures. Embellish your home to stay in tune with the times and give a second youth to your interiors and exteriors.

Ceramic soap dispenser

Available in pink, white, taupe, anthracite

€ 4.50

Ceramic toothbrush holder

Round shape 80 x 100 mm

€ 2.80

Ceramic soap dish

Ideal for a clean style

€ 2.10

LED garland

Perfect for an aperitif!

€ 45.50

Teddy bear night light

Very popular with children

€ 19.25

Artificial plant

Glass jar

€ 10.90

Storage box

4 wooden compartments

€ 12.90

LED strip

For modern and elegant lighting

€ 12.90

Outdoor terminal

Ideal for your garden

€ 35.00

Desk lamp

Rechargeable and variable flexible 180 °

€ 35.50

LED panel

18W Slim

€ 20.50