Light on the choice of lighting color according to your space and the desired rendering.

Whether you are lighting a living room, bedroom, showroom or your offices, there are several factors to consider when purchasing a lighting solution.

One of the most important parameters remains the lighting color (ranging from yellow to blue). The LED gives the advantage of being able to choose the color of light in order to have a better perception of our environment.

Focus on these names and guide in choosing the color of light for your LED luminaires.

What is the color temperature of light?

The color temperature of light is the color perceived by the human eye. It is expressed in Kelvins (K). This unit of measurement makes it possible to know the color of the light of a luminaire.

The higher the Kelvin color scale, the whiter and cooler the light. Conversely, the lower the number of Kelvins, the warmer and warmer the light.

Three shades of white are available on Silumen : Warm White, Neutral White and Cool White.

Salle de bain avec 3 éclairages différents

White hot

2300k - 3500k

As its name suggests, this shade of white diffuses a light with a yellow tone, reminiscent of the light produced by an incandescent or halogen bulb. It gives an ideal warmth impression for rooms such as the bedroom or the living room.

Neutral White

4000k - 5500k

This color temperature is the intermediary. Close to daylight, its color is comfortable for the eyes and does not tire. It offers a natural color rendering often used for office spaces, kitchens, hallways and also living rooms.

White cold

6000k - 8000k

If your light fixture has Cool White lighting, then the color is a bluish tone. This lighting temperature has the advantage of representing the color of the objects / scenes on display. It is the color closest to natural light (6500 K).

Warm, neutral or cold light?

The lighting temperature or the lighting color of your luminaires influences the feeling experienced in each of your rooms. Some lighting colors are more suitable than others depending on your space and depending on the mood you want to create.

We do not illuminate a living room like a business, a storage space or a garden! Use the color temperature to your advantage.

Color from light




White cold

5,500K to 6,000K

  • Industrial application: warehouse, workshop, ... requiring bright lighting.
  • Specific spaces: basement, garage, parking ...
  • Object enhancement: paintings, photographs ...
  • Outside: beacon lighting, wall or facade.

Modern and bluish.

Better rendering colours

Too bright for a living space.

Neutral white

4000K to 4500K

  • All rooms that need bright lighting to bring out clarity: above a worktop, bathroom, passage areas (stairs, corridors), entrance halls.
  • Outside: garden, driveway, parking ...
  • Also for any place requiring concentration: commerce, offices.

Bright light and comfortable.

White hot

2,300K to 3,500K

  • Interior and living rooms: living room, kitchen, bedroom or dining room, etc.
  • And even to light up your bathroom mirror, warm white reduces skin imperfections.
  • Ambient and decorative light, conducive to relaxation
  • Parts with a clear coating.

Cozy and warm atmosphere.

Soft lighting.

How to choose the lighting temperature of your product on Silumen ?

Take the example of LED strip 120cm hanging white:

To select the light color of the product: The lighting color of each product is visible on their respective product sheet. It is displayed below the price.

By clicking on the lighting color, you expand the list of available lighting temperatures.

To help you, we have put the corresponding kelvins. Make the best choice so that your idea shines!