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For safe use of your luminaires, determine the minimum protection rating (IP) of the luminaire using this article.

For safe use, all the electrical components of the luminaires must comply with standard EN 60-529 IP (Protection index), mentioning the level of resistance of the equipment to the intrusion of external agents. This classification therefore indicates the conditions of use and guides you in your purchase on Silumen .

The protection index is made up of two digits after the IP symbol. Its first defines the degree of protection against the penetration of solid bodies and dust. Its second corresponds to the degree of protection against liquid intrusion / its tightness.

The different degrees of protection (IP)

Take the example of the 220V 9M IP44 180LED Multicolour LED String Lights:

This product is classified in the category of luminaires with protection index IP44.

Its first number IP4_ indicates that its electrical part is therefore protected against all solid bodies greater than 1mm.

In other words: an IP2_ index means that one cannot reach the electrical parts with a finger, an IP3_ index, with a screw, an IP4_ index, with a hairpin.

Also hear that this IP2_ luminaire is neither protected against the screw nor against the hairpin.

Its second number IP_4 informs us that its electrical part is resistant against water projections coming from all directions.

Explanatory table:

Left: First digit of the IP (degree of protection against the penetration of solid bodies) Right: Second digit of the IP (degree of protection against the penetration of liquid bodies)

Schéma explicatif Indice de Protection

Which protection index to choose?

The Protection Index is an important criterion for installations in specific spaces. Below are the minimum protection indices recommended according to the type of space.

Type of space

Recommended IP

Indoor - Dry

> IP20

Indoor - Wet

> IP44

Outer compartment

> IP64

full immersion


- For the bathroom



Installation tips

Zone 0

Around the tub / shower

> IP67

Zone 1

Up to 2.25m high around zone 1.

> IP65

Zone 2

Located 60cm from zone 0 with risk of splashing

> IP44

Zone 3

2.25m from zone 0

> IP20 12V

Indice de Protection dans une salle de bain

- For outdoors


Installation tips

Entrance doors / Awnings

> IP23

Facades / Under the roof

> IP44

Built-in under an awning

> IP65

Completely outside

> IP66

Indice de Protection en extérieur

How to find out the protection index of a Silumen product?

Capture d'écran indice de protection sur Silumen

Take the example ofIP44 White LED Wall Light for 2 G U10

You will find the protection index in the name of the product. (1) and a little further down in the technical sheet (2).

This product has a protection index of 44. It is therefore resistant to solid bodies> 2.5mm and against liquid projections in all directions. You can illuminate your front door, ie the area along the facade, in your bathroom or any dry interior.